Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Winds of change...

The winds of change they are a blowin'! Let me catch you up on a few things...

1. If you aren't following MckMama's blog, but have read about Stellan here, I am extremely grateful to God to report that the little guy is back home with his family. He spent five weeks in two separate hospitals, was flown to the east coast for heart surgery, and his condition is now being controlled by oral meds. Praise God!

2. Baby girl lost both of her front teeth...she looks absolutely adorable. She lost them in the same week, and they are the first two teeth she has lost.

3. In this dismal economy I have been blessed enough to be hired for not one, but two great jobs. I left my job at the University to accept a job offer from the hospital that I had previously worked at for several years before I left work to raise my three babies. It is so great to back in a job that I truly enjoy. I was grateful for the job at the University, and the people I worked with there were really nice...but the work I did there was not really fulfilling, so when the opportunity came along at the hospital I knew I'd be foolish not to jump on it.

4. I have added music to my blog. Not really newsworthy, but it is a change. :0)

5. Spring has finally arrived to stay in Ohio. We had a beautiful, sunny weekend complete with temps in the 80's with zero humidity...the perfect weekend if you ask me.

6. My youngest boy had surgery again on his ear. They were not able to complete the reconstruction on his middle ear as planned, but have put in place a prosthetic spacer in hopes that during his next surgery he will be able to have the reconstruction done...if not, we will continue with his current hearing aid and allow him to make the decision when he is older whether or not he would like to have a baja device. It is a device that is permanently attached to his skull that will act and function as a sound conductor since he no longer has anything left in his middle ear. Since it is permanent and does affect how he looks (it looks like an Ipod shuffle permanently place on the back of his head), my husband and I didn't want to make that decision for him...he's only nine and his hearing is currently OK with the hearing aid he has...besides who knows what kind of advances will be made in medicine in another 10 years.

That about sums everything up...I know, I know, what an exciting life I lead, huh!

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It's A Wonderful said...

Oh, you and your husband are such good parents! God bless your little boy...I love little boys! We'll keep him in our prayers.

What does your new job entail?