Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sassy and Flirty Apron Swap

This is the apron I sent my swap partner along with some apron themed fabric, pink/brown notepads, and a cute ceramic cupcake box. This photo isn't the greatest, but it really was cute in person. The polka dot fabric is actually brown with pink dots, and the diamonds are pink and brown too. It kind of took on a neopolitan color scheme. The top layer is Robert Kauffman's cupcake fabric. My swap partner is mom to several little boys and said that she enjoyed girlie things, so I hope that she will like this.

The apron I received is beautiful, I love it! I don't have any pictures of it yet, but I will post some pictures of that later.

Shawnee has posted a new apron swap with a vintage remix theme. I signed up for that one too. It really is a lot of fun. Lucy is hosting another too with a tea party theme....I'm not sure that I can handle two swaps at the same time...but I am really tempted to give it a whirl. :0)

You can check out Shawnee's swap at and Lucy's at .

Happy Valentine's Day to ME!

My husband and I aren't mushy, smoochie, romantic Valentine's Day people...I think having three kids in four years sucked some of that out of us! (I kid, I really isn't the kids fault! Well, maybe just a little...) Anyhoo, instead of spending the day with my DH, I spent Valentine's day with my oldest and dearest friend, Shannon. We went to Columbus and had a very rushed, but yummy lunch together before heading to Mario Tricoci's to get our hair cut and colored. This is a treat, let me tell you. The staff there treat you very well, and it is worth every penny. Every. Penny.

Instead of my usual all over color to cover up those ever pesky gray hairs, I decided to get hilights...oh. my. goodness! I am so pleased with the results, and I had them cut about six inches off of my long was time to part with the long, long hair! I feel so much better. Now if I could just stick to a diet and lose about 60 pounds....

When I was finished getting my hair done, there was Shannon with a huge grin and a grande Cinnamon Dolce latte...oh that girl knows me well! I do love me some Starbucks! She also bought me a scrumptious cupcake from Cheryl & Co. If you have never had a cookie or cupcake from Cheryl & Co., you need to check out her website and order one or a dozen immediately. They are the BEST baked goods ever! Never mind your great-grandma's recipe (which I'm sure is good), Cheryl's will blow it away!! They are soooooo good!

We shopped and shopped, and then shopped some more. It was a great day. We just don't get to do this often enough! And then to top it off when I got home, DH had a beautiful bouquet of flowers for me and he and I gave the kids their valentines. It was a great day!
I hope you all enjoyed your Valentine's day too!