Monday, November 3, 2008


Remember to get to the polls to vote tomorrow if you haven't already! I will be out there early tomorrow morning.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sunday, Sunday...

OOOOOOhhh! I had so much fun yesterday! My friend, Shannon and I started off the day by stopping at Sugar Daddy's Bakery. (You can check them out at If you watch the Food Network, they were on Throwdown with Bobby Flay in a blondie brownie challenge - and they won!! I really like Bobby Flay, but I do secretly enjoy when he gets beat in these challenges...I think it must make the "unknown" feel so good to beat a celebrity chef. Anywho, we stopped there before heading on to lunch and the salon, and I have to say Food Network is right - they. are. the. best. blondies. ever.

My hair turned out pretty good, I can't complain the gray is now covered and I can breathe a sigh of relief that it didn't turn out orange! For whatever reason, my hair doesn't take color well and in the wrong hands turns an awful orangish, brownish, blondish mess - I kid you not. But it turned out a nice golden brown or dark blonde, which is my natural color, so no complaints here.

We had Chipotle for lunch - which I know for those of you that don't live in the sticks that really isn't that remarkable, but for those of us that live in the middle of nowhere ... it was really good. We only had about 20 minutes for lunch, so that was by far a better choice than MickeyD's. We had Molly Woo's for supper, and honestly it is just ok. I don't think I will feel the need to try that place again. But the cherry on top was having Starbuck's. Twice. I do love me some Starbucks!

And for those that follow college football...the Gators totally stomped the Georgia Dawgs!! And I do mean totally stomped them!! Go Gators!!! Tim Tebow rocks!

The boys had a combined birthday party today with family and friends. I just made cupcakes and tried to keep it simple. Everyone enjoyed themselves and had a good time. The weather has been gorgeous here all weekend. The kids ran around outside and had a good time together.

I will post pictures of everything later - I can't find my cable to connect the camera to my pc - so once that mystery is solved I will post pics.

P.S. I hate Daylight Savings time! I'm just sayin'.